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At Pinter 24/7 Garage & Overhead Doors, we have been providing our clients with first class solutions for their overhead door installation and maintenance needs since 1955. More than half a century of experience goes into every overhead door we install at this company, and our technicians make use of that experience to regularly beat our competition by offering better quality services at prices that no other garage door installer in Edison, NJ can match.

Thanks to the experience we have accrued over six decades in the garage and overhead door business, we are able to work more efficiently and offer better functioning doors than our competitors. We have dealt with nearly every possible problem that can befall an overhead door, from broken springs to improperly balanced door materials and more. Hire us as your garage door contractor to find out what makes us such a great provider of value for residential and commercial clients throughout the region!

While we have the years of experience necessary to provide top quality results with accuracy and care, we would not be able to compete with newer companies if we did not remain totally dedicated to adopting new technologies as they are developed by the greater overhead door industry worldwide. Our team is constantly on the lookout for better and more efficient ways to complete our projects and deliver value to our clients, making use of the most powerful machinery available to reduce the turnaround times of our installations and let us innovate with each and every door with repair. This approach has resulted in us becoming the most respected overhead door contractor in the region, and we are proud to make our services accessible with low prices!

Find out more about our company when you call us and ask to speak with one of our technicians!

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